Power Washing

When it comes to restoration and heavy duty cleaning, Home Detox has the answers for just about anything! The Family Owned Companyyou know and trust is Now Offering Residential and Commercial POWER WASHING.

That’s why we’re excited to offer our new Power Washing service, a powerful solution to bring your outdoor spaces back to life.

With the latest technology in power washing, we remove dirt, mildew and all traces of wear and tear, revealing the original beauty of your property. Whether it’s your home, office or commercial premises, our expert team guarantees results that not only clean, but transform.

Power Washing: more than cleaning, it’s revitalisation at your fingertips.


With any house, we search out any parts of the home which need restoration, with wet washing of trim and baseboards, we restore your bright colors and crisp lines in your house. Our regular cleaning plans include trim / baseboard maintenance to keep them that way!

In the kitchen, we take the time with each appliance to bring them back to their glory days. We will take apart the cooktop of the stove to clean the grills, burners and restore the cooktop surface with a variety of chemicals and techniques, in Barkeeper’s Friend!

We also offer restorative cleaning inside the oven, fridge, and dishwasher. Greasy cabinets? Those little cabinets above the stove that are impossible to keep clean? We wet wash and degrease them, and maintain them, along with all of your cabinets throughout the kitchen (or anywhere throughout the home).

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We offer heavy duty floor cleaning on tile, wood or linoleum/vinyl. We will wet wash and scrub the floors, corner to corner, to bring them back to life! We also offer grout cleaning for tile flooring.

Additionally, we offer professional carpet cleaning. Using different chemicals to pre-treat spots, and a commercial grade shampooing machine, we will bring your carpet back to life as well!

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