Cleaning Process

If you're a bit curious on how we work, here's an explanation

Upon entering the home, if the client is there, we see if there are any special requests for their cleaning. We start cleaning with an efficient and effective plan, to work nearby each other but on separate tasks. Typically we work top to bottom, we start upstairs and work our way down.


The kitchen cleanings include, washing and polishing exterior of all appliances as well as the interior of the microwave. We clean your stovetop, grills and burners, glass cooktop, or elements, we have the right tools and chemicals for the job! We clean the cabinet faces, detailing the moulding and getting splatter marks or smudges off with each clean. We utilize exfoliating chemicals in your sink to get all of the build up out and leave you with a fresh, sanitary, shining sink, including under the rubber disposal guard! Trash/Recycling is taken out and we will change the bags. We give extra attention to the floor in the kitchens, washing by hand where necessary, making sure that any drops of food or grease is removed. The kitchen is a very special part of any home, where families come together to make meals and share time together. We treat every kitchen with extreme attention to detail and care for thoroughness and consistency.


Bathroom cleanings include washing the shower/bath tub, washing countertops and sinks, detailed washing and cleaning of the toilet, and a detailed washing of floors. We also include baseboards and trim washing with every clean. Have a hard water problem? We will take care of any hard water build up with every cleaning to leave your glass and hardware shining like new after every clean. We utilize brushes and a spectrum of different tools.

General Dusting

We take care of cleaning the dust in all areas, rooms, corridors, dining room, living room. Laundry, closets. In addition to cleaning we also organize your space to make it pleasant. Cushion detail. blankets, beds, anything you have on your tables will be ordered. We use a high power vacuum and it helps us to reach corners, behind and under furniture, beds, etc. We also clean baseboards, doors, door frames, lamps, windows. Windows slides. And we will leave each room with a pleasant smell that we spray at the end. Curtains and blinds in good presentation.