Deep cleaning

Our deep clean service is the first step to a regular scheduled cleaning plan. It can also be for somebody who just needs help catching up on cleaning. Deep Cleaning Service (or Initial Clean) can include:


Removal of hard water, rust, and lime if necessary. Removing everything from countertops and thoroughly washing countertops and backsplash. Washing cabinet faces, Top to bottom dusting, floors with spot and stain removal if necessary. Restoring, cleaning, and sanitizing sink. Inside microwave, and external of all other appliances. Stove top grills and burners are removed and wet washed and restored. Washing all trim, baseboards, changing trash bags.


Hard water, rust and lime removal if necessary. Restoration of showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks. Washing of all baseboards and trim. Cleaning any mirrors. Floor cleaning, changing trash bags.


Changing linens, top to bottom dusting, polishing furniture, washing/dusting ceiling fans, picking up anything on the floor, changing trash bags. We will move small furniture to vacuum and/or mop under and behind. Washing all trim and baseboards. Vacuuming/mopping.

Living room / family room / rec rooms

Top to bottom dusting, polishing furniture, vacuuming furniture, washing all trim and baseboards, We will move small furniture to clean underneath and behind. Straightening pillows, blankets, cushions etc., Ceiling fans if any, Vacuuming / mopping.

Laundry/Utility room

Washing/dusting machines, Restoration of utility sink if necessary, baseboards and trim, emptying trash.


Windows in doors will be washed, outlet and light switch covers will be washed/dusted, all trim and baseboards will be washed, light fixtures throughout the home will be dusted out if necessary.

Extra Services

Oven cleaning ($40) Inside fridge ($40), Inside Dishwasher ($40), Window cleaning/detailing ($15 per window), Grout Cleaning (Pricing may vary), Carpet shampooing (Pricing may vary).

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