Commercial Cleaning

In our company we carry out commercial cleaning where we will take care of all the cleaning needs of your office, building. local etc. We perform basic cleaning tasks like sanitizing the bathroom and vacuuming the floors, and you can add additional services like carpet cleaning, window washing, floor polishing and more. Flexible services and we do the work that the client needs.

We take the same level of care and attention for cleaning your office or workspace as we would cleaning our own home! A clean, fresh environment can significantly improve moods and productivity! We can also include options from our residential deep clean if desired!

Our standard Commercial Cleaning will include:


Cleaning and sanitization of toilets, urinals, and sinks, top to bottom dusting, and floors, trash removal.

Kitchen / Break Room

Kitchen / Breakroom cleaning and sanitization of sinks, microwaves, countertops, and tables. Top to bottom dusting, including baseboards and trim. Trash removal.

Office Spaces & Lobbies

Dusting / polishing desks and furniture, washing / dusting baseboards and trim. Trash removal.

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