Meet the Team

Experts, doing what they love, loving what they do

Josh y Alex

Founders & Cleaning Experts

“Hi I’m, Josh! I grew up in Collegeville, PA! I’ve been all over the country and now I’m back home! I worked with a start up furniture delivery company in Orange County California. I worked directly with interior designers, working in some of the nicest houses in the country.”

“I’m Alex, I come from Venezuela and I learned to clean houses 4 years ago when I lived in California. I like to transform spaces with simple touches, such as cleaning, folding blankets and organizing objects. They look like for a picture of decoration magazines.”


Cleaning Expert

“I am happy when I see that everything looks sparkling clean when I leave a house.”

Maria Morales

Cleaning Expert

Hello, my name is Maria. I am from Honduras but. I love the dedication and love with which here at Home Detox we take care of your homes. We become part of your family because we do our best to create pleasant environments for you in your home.

Susana Saenz

Cleaning Expert

I am from Costa Rica and I like everything about my job, even more when it comes to cleaning a home. What I enjoy and love the most is seeing a clean and tidy house.

Evelyn Benitez

Cleaning Expert

What I Like most about the job is sharing wuth the pets and making decorations for the children in their rooms.

Clara Franco

Cleaning Expert

My favorite part of doing my job is cleaning the bathrooms. Because they look so beautiful finished. They make a radical change. They look like luxury bathrooms.

Selena Rivera

Cleaning Expert

I like to dust every corner so that in the end everything is very clean.